Stray New Zealand Passes

No matter where you travel with Stray, you can expect an incredible trip, designed to allow you to truely experience the best of the country you’re travelling in, get to know the people, soak up the scenery and learn about the culture.

From $100.00 AUD

per person

Don’t waste your precious travel time working out how to get from A to B.

Grab one of our most popular hop-on, hop-off backpacker bus passes and bounce from one unique or iconic destination to the next. We’ve carefully planned the best route which includes all things wild and wonderful in New Zealand. Your Driver Guide will sort everything out for you as you go including accommodation each night, so all you need to do is focus on having the best time possible!


Stray Essentials – $908 AUD (SAVE $300)

Stray Big South – $655 AUD (SAVE $250)

Stray Big North – $597 AUD (SAVE $210)

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